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Trusts – Setting Up a Trust

Trusts can be beneficial for many families as a means of prudent estate planning. 
Probate can be a long and burdensome process for your loved ones. Many families find that creating a trust is a great estate planning alternative to avoid long a long probate period that can tie up assets needed by loved ones.

If you are seeking a trust attorney, make sure to give us a call. We have an adaptable law firm that can handle a variety of trusts, including unit trusts. So, whether it is help with family trust funds, or assistance setting up living trust, visit our law firm for quality legal advice throughout process. Our wills and trusts attorney will help you understand the legal issues and provide you with an advocate if a dispute arises.

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Wills - Making a Will

To probate a will means to prove its genuineness in probate court.  A will must be admitted to probate before a court will allow descendants to receive their legal distribution according to terms. When you begin to probate a will, it is essential that you hire an experienced wills and trusts attorney. Making a will requires a trust and wills attorney who is smart, dedicated and who understands the importance of this decision.

Every adult has assets that will be divided at the time of death. In some cases a will may be an adequate means of dealing with the disposition of an estate. Both wills and trusts can have tax consequences and practical effects that can be complicated.

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