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Do you work for a large company that doesn't properly pay its employees?

Does your employer:

If so, your employer may be violating California wage laws. Remember: just because your employer tells you you're a salaried or commissioned employee and aren't entitled to overtime, it doesn't mean that they're right. Call us to find out your legal rights. At the Law Offices of Michael P. Sousa, we represent clients both individually and in class actions to recover wages that are rightfully theirs.

Our class action lawsuit firm represents clients in class action lawsuits. One or more specified people may file class action litigation on behalf of an entire group who has been wronged in some way, usually by a corporation or institution.  An experienced, knowledgeable class action law firm like ours specializes in filing these suits so that every single individual who suffers some form of injury doesn’t have to file an individual lawsuit.

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If you’re thinking of pursing class action litigation, you should know that successful class action suits benefit huge numbers of people. Michael P. Sousa knows what it takes to win a class action suit.  Contact our firm today and let us help you.  Please call 858-453-6122 today.