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Labor and employment law firms like ours know how laborers and workers are protected under labor and employment law. A great number of employees, though, are not aware of their workplace rights. When this is the case, labor and employment attorneys should help them avoid injustice.  Michael P. Sousa is knowledgeable about labor and employment law and support your rights, advocating for you to the full extent of the law. In some instances, clients don’t know there are legal solutions available. It is essential to know your rights and get the support of gifted legal minds.

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Our firm is well versed in labor and employment law and we know how to utilize that deep understanding in your case. We study your business and get to know you, then review all facts of your particular situation, assess how the employment and labor law applies, and support you in coming up with a solution to any employment matter. Achieving justice in a case of workplace wrongdoing requires an expert supporting you. Contact the Law Office of Michael P. Sousa today for a consultation.  Please call us at 858-453-6122 to set up an appointment.